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Online lessons are now available!

All lessons have moved online and my current students who have switched, are now preferring these. Here’s why – 
  1. I have multiple camera angles set-up for close up shots of my hands, so you can really see what’s going on.
  2. I have an amazing piece of software which allows me to write out the music for you on my computer and email it to you for you to print out home, so you’re never without the music.
  3. With your consent, I am able to record the lesson and send it to you afterwards for you to watch back. No need to worry anymore if you’ve forgotten what the teacher told you in lesson, you can now simply re-watch your lesson, and you only pay once!
  4. I’m also able to send you any songs or backing tracks we work to, slowed down, for you to practice along to.
All of these features allow for a truly amazing online learning experience and the software you need is both free and easy to use.
  • Simply download the free Zoom app on your desktop, laptop, iPad or android device.  
  • About 10 minutes before your lesson, check your emails for an invite to join the lesson. 
  • Click the link and it’ll open the app for you to enjoy your online lesson.

Prices stay the same at £16 for 30 minutes and £30 for 60 minutes, but I’m now also offering 45 minutes at £25, for those who want somewhere in between. 

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"Wills can be hard work as I’m sure a lot of 14 year olds are but he loves playing his guitar with Ben. He can arrive for his lesson tired and uninspired but after an hour with Ben he is full of confidence and happy with life again! Ben encourages Wills and gets the best out of him. Thank you Ben!"
Jules (Wills’ Mum!)
"I've found Ben to be a great teacher! He always works around what I want to learn and plans the lessons to suit how I learn best. What makes him better than most teachers is that even if he has a lesson pre-planned, he will happily adapt it on the spot if I mention something else I'd be interested to learn. Also, the fact that he himself is active in the music scene means he really understands how his students learn so can relate and therefore find solutions to any problems we may be having."
"Learning to play any musical instrument, particularly the guitar, is a major challenge. The process requires much patience as well as a determination to succeed, especially when the going gets tough, as it always does. The best teachers support and guide you through these times and help you develop a confidence which makes learning fun. Ben’s teaching does all of this. He has a relaxed approach which immediately puts you at ease. At the same time his lessons provide a challenge and require effort from the learner. I look forward to many more lessons, though at the ripe old age of 73 I might just be pushing my luck!"
"Ben has given my son Mylo (age 12) such a great experience over the last year. He has a brilliant manner and has enthused his passion of the guitar on to my son. Mylo now picks up his guitar daily not because he has to or I tell him to buy because he is enjoying playing tunes he loves. Thanks Ben"
Toby (Mylos' Dad)

What can you learn?



I teach both the electric and acoustic guitar and I can cover all styles confidently. My lessons are the perfect balance of learning songs you enjoy playing while incorporating the essential techniques needed to master the instrument, and I’m also perfectly at ease with helping you through any graded exams you choose to take.



I teach beginner up to intermediate bass guitar to all ages and can cover styles including rock, pop, funk, soul, blues and many others. The bass guitar is an integral part of the rhythm section in any band and a really fun instrument to learn.



The ukulele is a great instrument to learn, especially for small children, as it’s easier to press down on the strings and hold comfortably. It’s incredibly fun and satisfying to arrange and transfer popular songs to this amazing little instrument.

Music Theory

Music Theory

During the first year of my degree, I achieved 98.6% in my theory exam paper. The most important part of learning music theory is being able to apply it and put it into context with the guitar. That’s what worked for me and is what I’ve found to have helped many of my students.

Why learn with me?


I have 18+ years’ experience playing, touring, teaching guitar, and have studied and obtained a BA (Hons) in Professional Musicianship. Through this accumulative experience, I have developed steadfast teaching methods to suit all needs.


Lessons are held in my professional, purpose-built studio in Eastbourne. I hold an up to date DBS Certificate, full Public Liability Insurance and I am a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors, accredited through the London College of Music.


My biggest strength is my patience. I fully understand the trials in learning an instrument and have many tools to help you overcome them. I will guide you slowly through these difficulties and you will always leave feeling a sense of achievement.


My lessons are incredibly competitive, affordable and great value for money. You won’t find a better price in Eastbourne and its surrounding areas for getting lessons from an experienced, friendly and passionate industry professional.

How much are the lessons?

Free 30 minute consultation

This free 30-minute consultation is a chance for a no-pressure, no-obligation chat on Zoom, or over the phone if you’d prefer. We’ll talk about your current ability level and experience, your goals and aspirations, and your musical tastes and influences. All of this information will help me better understand what I need to do to make you the best guitar player you can be. I can then build bespoke lesson plans, tailored to your own needs, and make sure everything moves at a pace that you are comfortable with. It will also give you a chance to ask me any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your guitar playing journey.

1 x 30 Minute Lesson - £16

10 week course - £144 (saving £16)

30-minute lessons are perfect for absolute beginners and smaller children as we can cover plenty of the foundation techniques needed, and spend some time learning parts of songs, the chords and riffs. When or if this time slot seems too short, you can look at then upgrading to maybe a 45-minute lesson.

1 x 45 Minute Lesson - £25

10 week course - £225 (saving £25)

Perhaps my most favourite and recommended time slot, 45-minutes is perfect for older children, teenagers and adults alike! It strikes the balance of a decent amount of time to cover the topics needed, whilst also not feeling like there's an overload of information. 

1 x 60 Minute Lesson - £30

10 week course - £270 (saving £30)

I recommend the 60-minute lessons to those intermediate and more advanced players, or those simply wishing to delve deeper into technique, theory and songs, and have the attention span to match. 

I have a 100% success rate, with my students always continuing after their initial first trial lesson.

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Lesson Location

Lessons are held from my studio unit in Eastbourne where I have a spacious, fully equipped, professional studio, purposefully built with teaching in mind. I have everything you could need readily available.

Studio Unit, 1 Green Street, Eastbourne, BN21 1QN